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  • A comprehensive evaluation may be needed if your child is not meeting, or is slowly meeting speech and language milestones.  There may be a speech/language disorder.  

  • Therapy sessions run a total of 40 min from start to finish.  The SOAP note is reviewed with the parent as well as any strategy that was successful during the session.  

  • A typical evaluation session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the type of assessment being completed.  This also includes a family session to provide results and a plan of care.  

  • Parents can help to transition the patient to the therapy room however parents do not stay in the room with the therapist. The therapist has to have the opportunity to establish rapport with the patient so that the patient can trust the therapist and learn from the therapist.  

  • No.  Our clinic provides a home exercise program (HEP) as concepts and skills are introduced.  The therapist will review the HEP with the parent upon providing the material so that the carry-over can be observed from the treatment room to other environments.  

  • You may call our office at (210) 919-7570 to schedule an appointment. You may need a referral from your primary care physician.  This will be determined by the type of insurance.  

  • Please bring any paperwork with information regarding diagnosis or assessment by your physician.   Additional information, such as school reports, may be helpful. If you have other young children, you may want to bring activities for them or arrange for childcare to reduce distractions during the comprehensive evaluation.

  • The evaluating speech-language pathologist will provide verbal recommendations and may provide written information, such as brochures, on the day of your visit. The speech-language pathologist will provide a comprehensive written report within two weeks.

  • The length of therapy cannot be predicted. Children may show immediate improvement, or it may be very gradual. The rate and pattern of improvement are different for every child. Progress is evaluated in three to six-month intervals.

  • This depends on the speech-language needs of the child. Frequency and time of therapy is typically determined at the evaluation depending on the needs of the child, he/she may attend once or twice weekly. The Speech Language Pathologist will be able to make a recommendation after the assessment however the decision is left to the family to select a frequency based on needs, scheduling, and funding.

  • Unfortunately, all services are provided in the clinic only.

  • We are open Monday thru Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM.  Fridays are typically a make-up day for patients who missed appointments.  All patients are seen by appointment only.  

  • Missed visits will be attempted to be made up the same week based on the therapist’s availability.  

  • We are in-network with many commercial insurance companies as well as Community First Health Care Plans.  We are happy to verify your insurance coverage and give you an idea of what you may owe based on whether you have met your deductible (or not) and your co-pay/co-insurance responsibility. Let our office staff know if you do not plan to use insurance and we will bill you a reduced rate at the time of the assessment.  This is true for treatment sessions as well.


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