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We worked with Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Belinda. Both are so wonderful and patient and really helped my son improve his communication when he had been completely nonverbal. I appreciate having 2 weekly sessions and it was so easy to get any paperwork from the office. Thank you for being there for my son.

Kurt Schaefer

My son started seeing Nancy around 18 months and he had zero words in his vocabulary and minimal receptive communication. He was about 6 months to a year behind in some areas and he received therapy for three years with kids treehouse. His progress has been tremendous and the staff have been wonderful. I have people ALL the time tell me they can’t believe how far my son has come and how he has not only caught up, but excelled in some areas and how impressed they are with his speech. Once that son stopped receiving therapy, we found out my younger son would need therapy following a cleft palate repair at 10 months, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Nancy and Belinda. He has been receiving speech for the last seven months and I’m already seeing great progress in him as well!

My son has been going to see Ms. Belinda and Ms. Nancy for two years and I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the hardwork and great advice. They know exactly how to help with every issue, which gives me a lot of comfort. We live pretty close to the office and every time my son sees it he tells me he wants to go see Ms. Nancy. If you need pediatric speech therapy these are the folks to come see!

Megan Nichols

Absolutely love this place!! My son has had amazing improvement throughout the years. They truly have a passion for what they do. Definitely recommend :)

Kelci Christine Jagge

My son loves Ms. Debbie! He cried non-stop through the first several weeks of sessions and I was about to give up but Ms. Debbie did a fantastic job in establishing trust with him and now he runs to her room excited to get started. We are seeing some wonderful progress and I am thankful for all of her hard work.

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